Draw your sailing knowledge!

About us

Truth be told

Actually, "us" stands for me and a couple of friends, serving as beta testers with crazy ideas on how to make my programming nights more difficult.

I'm a sailing enthusiast, an WS International Judge and International Umpire, with a regular job and a couple of "pet projects" I maintain, with practically no free time. You can tell that when you see me running late for work at mornings, yawning on the way.

Why, oh why?!?

It says "enthusiast" in the previous paragraph and it's not just for sailing. That's a synonym for "a lot of work, almost no pay". So it must be fame, women and glory? Yeah, right. To be honest, I haven't come across a solution that would help me create accurate sailing scenarios fast enough to support my work and be easy to use. Producing a nice end result would be a real bonus.

The big plan

If I create it, I'll like it. And I'll work until I really like it. That's a guarantee from my side.

I'm counting on you!

I am in direct contact with the sport and people that could benefit from a good product. Help with ideas, describe your needs. Any feedback would be really welcome!


workshop with sailors

World Match Racing Tour event

London 2012 Olympic games