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Import a scenario

Sail Replay can import scenarios from both

  • Boat scenario (.XBS file) and
  •  Tactical Sailing Situations (.TSS file) 

You simply open the file.

When such file is opened, it is not changed, regardless of how you change the scenario in Sail Replay. Original files stay intact.

Sail Replay will recreate the scenario in best way possible, but make sure to check, if everything still fits the original design. A boat might be off a pixel or two, mark sizes are not equal down to the last millimeter.

Versions supported

Currently Sail Replay supports scenarios from:

  • Boat scenario 202008
  • TSS 2.6H

What is not supported?

Boat scenario

  • boat laylines are not supported
  • boat acceleration/deceleration is ignored
  • mark text is not linked to a mark, it is standalone
  • following classes do not have a direct counterpart in Sail Replay, but a resized substitute is provided:
    • Firefly is mapped to a resized Finn
    • 420 is mapped to a resized 470
    • Tornado is mapped to a resized Nacra17
    • Topper is mapped to a resized Laser
    • RS feva is mapped to a resized 470
    • Diag24 is mapped to a resized Nacra17


  • boat width factor is ignored
  • images (flags etc) are not imported