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Scenario configuration and information

Scenario configuration

Scenario configuration

Scenario configuration toolbar button Press this toolbar button to access Scenario configuration.



Track order
The stack of tracks represents the order in which they will be drawn. If it is important for your scenario to have a certain track/boat on top of another, this is the place where you can make it happen. Drag and drop or just use the buttons on the side to set it right.
Set as main track
"Main track" is used to set the layline angle and boat length, in cases where you have different boat types in the same scenario. Only sailboats apply.
Zone boat length size
Match race scenario requires 2, radio controlled boats require 4, majority sticks to 3. Go wild!
Layline angle is automatically set according to the "main track", but you can manually set it to something else.


Show laylines
Toggle the visibility of initial laylines grid.
Show boat numbers
Toggle the visibility of boat position numbers.
Boat numbers always upright
Got a stiff neck and would like to have the boat position numbers always upright? Then this is the setting for you!


Draw tracks
You can choose between a full track being drawn, track for the last two boat positions or no track at all.
Draw boats
You can preserve all boat positions display, only the last one or none at all.

Scenario information

Scenario information

Scenario information toolbar button Press this toolbar button to access Scenario information.

Use this screen to store extra information about the scenario.

Include facts, conclusions, decisions and relevant rules to make the scenario easy to understand to somebody else.

When checked, the title and author are also permamenty displayed on the scenario.