Draw your sailing knowledge!



Animation toolbar button Press this toolbar button to access the Animation editor.

If the scenario contains more that one boat position, you can animate the boats and produce a dynamic presentation or a video of the situation. Introduce wind oscillation, move the race committee boat or add different flags or texts at different stages of the situation.

Access the Animation editor by pressing the key A.


Animation controls

speed slider
Select how fast do you want your animation to play. Speed 4 is our favorite. Select a speed by pressing a number between 1 and 6.
animation position slider
It is an animation progress bar. Slide it to the desired position or become an Animation DJ and make the animatio all jerky.
Animation control - Stop stop the animation and return to the beginning
What it says. Also reacts to the key S.
Animation control - Step backward move a step back
Fast move between step, single step backwards. Left cursor key.
Animation control - Play/Pause play/pause
Run or pause the animation. Key shortcut is Space.
Animation control - Play to next step animate to the next step
Continue with the animation but stop at the next step. Up cursor key.
Animation control - Step forward move a step forward
Fast move between step, single step forward. Right cursor key.
Animation control - Loop loop animation
When the animation reaches the end, it pauses briefly, then restarts autimatically.