Draw your sailing knowledge!



Preferences > Settings

Set window appearance and default settings for a brand new scenario.


Set the app theme to follow the System setting or fix it to Dark or Light mode.
Show toolbar button labels
Toggle toolbar button labels on the scenario toolbar.
Inactive boats are dimmed
When working with multiple tracks, dim all the inactive boat positions and focus on the paired-up boats.
Background color
Select a default background color.
Animation quality
If your computer cannot cope to animate the boats on the screen smoothly, decrease the requested animation quality. This also affects the Exported videos and ther frame rate.

New scenario

Show laylines
Toggle layline display.
Show boat numbers
Display boat numbers.
Boat numbers always upright
Force drawing the boat numbers vetical, regardless of the boats direction.
Show mark zone
Draw mark zone by default.
Default boat type
When adding the first boat to the scenario, make it of the selected type. Also serves to define the initial default boat length for the layline grid and zones.


Preferences > Update

You can enable or disable automatic update checking. Set the check frequency or manually trigger one.

When an update is available, it can be downloaded and installed upon your confirmation - hassle free.

If you're interested in the latest release, changelog or other information, click on the button at the bottom and check what's new on the website.



Preferences > License

Once the license is loaded, you can see the details here. 

See here how to load the license.

If you don't own a full license yet, click the Buy a license button and proceed with online license purchase.



Find the basic application information here, End User License Agreement and third party licenses.